Launched in 2017 as the first Business Aviation Operator/MRO network for companies who want to be ahead of the game!

When I moved from the pure maintenance environment into the management side of the Business Aviation, I found out very quickly that without managing your fleet proactively you will get in trouble and upset clients quicker as you can think of!

I can understand the clients and they are right! If you pay hundreds of thousands and more a year you don’t want to hear that the aircraft is out for maintenance or it broke down and we have no one to fix it.

When I was sitting at a client´s office and the pilots were calling with all kind of problems I thought to myself that there must be a way to be more prepared for this situation. One and a half years ago I spoke to a friend of mine about doctors and how you can find them easily on the internet and even book appointments. I thought to myself that this must be possible for the Business Aviation too!

Let´s take the first step and get all Operators out there the information where are MRO´s located around the globe who really can fix their aircraft type. You should be able to check ahead of time on which airports you have support and any alternatives around you!

With this valuable information you will be ahead of the game and before the aircraft even takes off you have this information already handy! So next time the pilot calls you with any problems you will find a solution much faster than ever before!